Ammune™ Protects Inline on APIs

Ammune™ presents a unique concept of API security technology, solely based on AI/ML. It is built at a “bottom-up” approach. Each API, at each protection layer, is protected by a separate “micro-AI/ML machine” (resulting in thousands of them). The protection layer is completed by a robust AI/ML model that protects all APIs throughout, based on the micro-machines’ output.

The Ammune™ platform technology was proven to be very accurate in finding threats in years of production experience, while consistently protecting the user experience at high quality.

Ammune™ protects from a wide range of cyber attacks

Ammune™️ modules (separated licensed) protect from different types of common API attacks

Ammune™️ “Bottom-Up” protection process
  1. On-going traffic analysis is used to discover services (API Endpoints)
  2. A full, AI/ML security model is implemented for analyzing the I/O traffic for each discovered service.
  3. A multi-service security model is implemented for all services and for each module

Ammune™ bio-originated “Danger Model” correlates independent positive and negative security models to identify attack patterns with extremely high accuracy