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“L7 Defense’s Ammune™ is the ideal solution to close the cyber defense gap due to its unique AI/ML model capabilities.“

“We found out very quickly that we can truly rely on L7 Defense’s Ammune to detect Applicative DDoS threats on APIs with no additional overhead – Well done!”

“We had a gap in our applicative security measures, and the constant maintenance and updates overloaded our SOC staff. L7 Defense’s Ammune was the solution chosen to best remedy the situation – and it plugged the gap.”

“L7 Defense Ammune was installed in less than an hour by our in-house team. It was very easy to implement, and it required no further system updates. L7 Defense’s support team was available to us at all times”

“L7 Defense technology and solution demonstrated their value in a large-scale operation. It requires only sporadic maintenance and exceeds the protection level we expected.”

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The Holistic Approach for Mitigating API Driven Cyber Attacks

API Drive Innovation - How can you protect your Organization?

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L7 Defense L7 Defense Ammune™ datasheet

Intel’s solution brief introducing L7Defense and its Ammune™ solution as a Communications Service Provider for Network Security

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