“We had a gap in our applicative security measures, and the constant maintenance and updates overloaded our SOC staff. L7 Defense’s Ammune was the solution chosen to best remedy the situation – and it plugged the gap.”

The Customer

Financial Institution Data Center

The Challenge

The on-premise data center is processing a high volume of critical financial transactions for large banks. Systems availability was impaired by constant low-frequency applicative DoS attacks targeting specific APIs. In addition, high SOC team overhead was caused by the need to constantly update and maintain the legacy application defense WAF solution.

The Solution

The full AmmuneTM solution suite (API-WAF, API-DDoS, and API-Bot) was installed at the customer’s data center.

The Outcome and Benefits

AmmuneTM is mitigating various attacks on APIs that are usually missed by the WAF defense. It also provides extensive reporting and analysis functionality that increases the APIs visibility. As a result, the workload of the SOC staff was significantly reduced.