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L7 Defense and TEXUB Announce Strategic Partnership To Protect TEXUB From API Cyberthreats

L7 Defense and TEXUB Announce Strategic Partnership To Protect TEXUB From API Cyberthreats

June 2, 2022 No Comments

Under the partnership agreement, TEXUB will deploy L7 Defense's Ammune to protect the platform's APIs and Apps from cyberattacks

DUBAI, UAE, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- L7 Defense Ltd., a pioneering developer of AI-based cybersecurity solutions, announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with TEXUB to protect its e-commerce B2B platform TEXUB from cyberattacks targeting its APIs and Apps.

E-commerce platforms offer advanced services (APIs) to their customers that need to be continuously adapted and improved to meet the platform users' needs while keeping these APIs and Apps safe from cyberthreats in real-time. L7 Defense's Ammune™ API security solution protects automatically, at the highest possible quality, the ever-growing number of organization APIs and Apps operating in the emerging hybrid digital environment.

"TEXUB is a digital marketplace for IT & mobility products that helps businesses to address global opportunities in a safe, stable, and seamless manner. L7 Defense's Ammune™ was selected after a stringent evaluation to secure the TEXUB platform from advanced threats and vulnerabilities", explained Suchit Kumar, CEO of TEXUB.

"As the main communication means between the TEXUB platform's systems, users, and applications, APIs and Apps are major drivers to accelerate the agility, flexibility, and interconnection required to make TEXUB perform optimally, explained Yisrael Gross, Co-Founder & VP of Business Development at L7 Defense. "This also makes its APIs attractive and vulnerable targets for cyberattacks. With Ammune's, cyberattacks aimed at APIs are identified and eliminated in real-time, keeping the platform and its users safe."

"OurAmmune™ keeps the APIs of TEXUB well-protected, and we are proud that TEXUB has chosen L7 Defense to be its strategic partner for API cybersecurity," he added.


Launched in 2022, TEXUB is a global B2B marketplace that offers a safe, stable, and seamless e-commerce ecosystem for global IT trade in the B2B space. TEXUB allows IT businesses to trade by connecting with verified buyers and verified sellers anonymously. It provides a scalable cloud platform for brands, distributors, resellers, and all key partners, while at the same time improving the buying and selling experience, maintaining trade privacy, and a high level of transacting security, making it a robust and seamless e-commerce platform for global IT and mobility trade in the B2B space.

More information at: www.texub.com.

About L7 Defense

L7 Defense is a leading cybersecurity company protecting enterprises' infrastructure and applications against API-borne attacks in real-time. Its Ammune™ technology protects from major API-borne, AI-driven, Bot, DDoS, WAF, and Business Logic attacks actively by using advanced machine learning for protecting APIs from the most advanced attack types without impacting the traffic. The Company's award-winning Ammune™ is deployed in data centers, public clouds, and local on-premise, operating as a standalone or hybrid solution in these environments. L7 Defense's customer base includes API (internet) companies, financial institutions, fintech companies, telcos, and industrial enterprises.

More information at: www.L7Defense.com

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