API Security Solution

Ammune™ by L7 Defense Actively Protecting APIs from the First Request with the Highest Level of Accuracy, Against the Most Advanced Cyber Attacks on Cloud (Marketplace) & On-Premise

Ammune™ is a Fully Automated AI Based API Security Solution

Product Leadership | Award 2020

Ammune™ Platform

Discover and Protect APIs in Real Time

Ammune™ contains an unsupervised learning model that monitors and analyzes data in real-time, identifying and stopping even subtle, stealthy attacks and effectively mitigating these without prior knowledge of the attack pattern parameters.

Cloud Security

Cloud-Native Solution with Inherent Elastic Scalability

A scalable, container-based cloud-native solution that can be deployed as well easily at private data centers

AI Solution

"Zero Trust" Protection by Design

Ammune™ performs a full contextual analysis of the traffic, at an argument level while assuming that any traffic is potentially malicious

API Security solution with advanced AI/ML technology

Active protection from a wide range of API threats

Protects from the first request by utilizing an advanced core AI/ML technology into a reliable, non-intrusive, real-time protection

Automated API Security Solution

Out-of-the-Box Automated Solution

Plug & Play solution that starts protecting APIs and Apps immediately after its deployment, with almost no need for human intervention along the way



Aimed to assist the security teams to control APIs and discover potential excessive data exposure. It generates a dynamic API endpoints catalog



Protects APIs from content-based attacks such as SQLi, PHPi and Log4J in real-time from the first request. It operates extremely well, even at a high ratio of noise to signal, which is sometimes generated by advanced vulnerability scanners


Protects APIs from (business-related) bot attacks, such as object enumeration, credential stuffing, and carding and scraping attacks. The module performs analysis at the level of the API endpoint and user, in relation to the traffic content and context



Protects from DDoS attacks targeting specific API(s). Attacks may use camouflage techniques, such as rotating source IPs and users, or request content randomization while using optimization algorithms. The module analyzes the API(s) traffic to find exceptional API-related resource consumption within seconds

API-Business Logic

Protects APIs from Business Logic (BL) attacks that can lead to forbidden data or functionality access or abused business processes and fraud. The module performs an in-session, source-based traffic analysis to identify attack patterns in real-time


Ammune™ Unprecedented Sophistication

Frost & Sullivan 2020

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Technology Alliances

Ammune™ is deployed in datacenters, public clouds and local on-premise, operating as a standalone or hybrid solution in these environments.

L7 Defense operates at leading public clouds, collaborating with major tech vendors, to provide organizations with top-notch inline API security.

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